Printed Version: Our traditional Harvest with a deep emboss plate. Harvest has a dull finish with a slight sheen appearance when light hits its waxed top. The waxed top creates a dramatic pull-up effect. This leather will create a nice burnish and shine over time for a longer lasting product. This leather has a firm, stand up temper. There is some color variation within the side and from side to side which is common in waxed leathers. 

As with most leather, range marks and fat wrinkles will be present and they may contain butt brands or a small hole. 

Some initial crocking may occur due to the waxed nature of this leather but will allow for better grain burnishing over time. If crocking or tracking is of concern we recommend wiping lightly with a cotton t-shirt or similar cloth.



Please note: Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures. Because our products are 100% real hides, each may vary slightly. For more information please see our customer care page.

Harvest Basket Black 5-5.5oz Lot#10265