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ONLY $60 / ** Coupons or Discount Codes will not be honored on these lots

These are 1/2 Split Suede pieces. You will receive 30sqft up to 5 pieces per set ordered.

Temper is medium/firm

* please note that there may be crocking 


These are limited lots and will not be re stocked.


These lots may contain mishapen sides, off color sides, low grade sides with scars, brands, bug bites, sores, holes or missing grain.


Free Shipping for FedEx or UPS Ground 

Orders requiring Freight will be an additional charge.

Please inquire with any questions before purchasing.

No Returns or Exchanges on Blow Out Sale Lots.




Please note: Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures. Because our products are 100% real hides, each may vary slightly. For more information please see our customer care page.

Grey SplitSuede Mix 30ftLot 3-4oz Lot#10628 Final S

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