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Dry Splitting is $5 per side.


Dry splitting uses a machine to remove the flesh side of a side to create a thinner weight on the grain side. Note that dry splitting does not produce two usable pieces. Our dry splitting operators will start at a higher weight and fine tune to get just the weight you are requesting so only the grain side will be shipped. WE ONLY DRY SPLIT FULL SIDES.  SAMPLES CANNOT BE DRY SPLIT.    


Please follow the below instructions for dry splitting:


1. Choose from the Dry Splitting drop down menu how many sides you would like dry split.

2. After choosing the number of sides you would like dry split, go to your shopping cart and click "Add note to seller." 

3. Add a note indicating the name of the sides you would like dry split and the weight you would like split, for example, 2.5-3oz, 3-3.5oz, 3.5-4oz, etc. The lowest we can split is 2.5-3oz.


Note: Not all sides are struck through with color completely, so the flesh side will take on the color at the depth it is split. If this is a problem please contact customer service at to find out if the leather you are interested in is struck through.


Dry split leather cannot be returned

Dry Splitting

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