Dry Splitting is $5 per side.  Dry splitting uses a machine to remove the flesh side of a side to create a thinner weight on the grain side.  It is important to note that dry splitting does not produce two usable pieces.  Our dry splitting operators will start at a higher weight and fine tune to get just the weight you are requesting so only the grain side will be shipped.      


Please follow the below instructions for dry splitting:


#1- Choose from the Dry Splitting drop down menu how many sides you would like dry split.

#2- After choosing the number of sides you would like dry split, go to your shopping cart and click "Add note to seller." 

#3- Add a note indicating the name of the side(s) you would like dry split and the weight you would like split.  (i.e. 2.5-3oz, 3-3.5oz, 3.5-4oz, 4-4.5oz, 4.5-5oz, etc).  Lowest we can split is 2.5-3oz.


Note- Not all sides are struck through with color completely so the flesh side will take on the color at the depth it is split.  If this could be a problem please contact our customer service at sales@acadialeather.com to find out if the leather you are interested in is struck through or not. 

***Dry Split leather cannot be returned***

Dry Splitting



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