Tan Crazyhorse is a buffed leather with a Medium brown top cast & a light tan muted pull-up.

Smooth tight flesh side

Color may not be uniform throughout skin. This is normal in the Crazyhorse article.

If you are not used to using oiled leathers, please order a sample first.


*Sides may contain a brand or healed scratches. 


Premium, indicates that the main cutting area is free of brands or blemishes. 

However there may be brands, small holes or healed scratches in the necks or butts of skins.



This firmer leather would lend itself well to totes, messenger bags, backpacks, shoes, boots, or belts.



Please note: Picture was taken during daylight in the shade. Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures. Because our products are 100% real hides, each may vary slightly. For more information please see our customer care page.

Premium CrazyHorse Tan 5-5.5oz Lot#20210730