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Low Grade version of our Premium Harvest (normal premium description below). These sides are very rustic with a lot of character. These sides contain a large amount of range marks which can include brands, holes, scratches, sores, etc. Perfect for those that like to give a one of a kind or personalized flair or for those that make smaller products.


A Premium production leather tanned specifically for Acadia Leather for a reliable and consistent quality product. This newest and final version of Harvest Leather combines years of maker experience and fine tweaking at the tannery to create a product that includes some of the finest characteristics of our first Harvest lines. Going back to the roots, Harvest has a dull finish with a slight sheen appearance when light hits its waxed top. The waxed top creates a dramatic pull-up effect. This leather will create a nice burnish and shine over time for a longer lasting product. Medium temper, slightly gentler temper and rounder feel than previous versions.There is some color mottling to break up the leather and give it a more natural and less fully finished/sprayed appearance. As with most leather, range marks and fat wrinkles will be present. Some initial crocking may occur due to this version not having a top like earlier versions but will allow for better grain burnishing over time. If crocking or tracking is of concern we recommend wiping lightly with a cotton t-shirt or similar cloth. This leather has been vacuum dried but has been flesh buffed for a more broken up but still tight flesh. This is a maker's dream!


A product of Tasman Leather Group


Please note: Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures. Because our products are 100% real hides, each may vary slightly. For more information please see our customer care page.

HarvestLG Fall 4.5-5.0oz Lot 12000

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