BisonP is a firm temper, full grain American bison with a heavy wax & embossed print for a more uniform character.

The heavy wax creates a nice pull up color.


**IG Specials are non refundable or returnable**


Please note: Since it is free-roaming Bison it is likely to contain typical range marks, heavy scratches, scars, sores, brands, and may contain dark blotches.

Some sides may contain holes.


**Please note that shipping Bison outside the USA requires a fish and wildlife certification and may incur an additional cost for foreign customers**


A product of Tasman Leather Group


Please note: Due to monitors, lighting, and slight differences between batches, color may vary slightly from pictures. Because our products are 100% real hides, each may vary slightly. For more information please see our customer care page.

BisonP Walnut 5.5-6oz Lot#10216